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Common Urological Problems


Musculature and Fasciae of the Pelvis

The striated musculature of the pelvic floor provides dynamic support for the visceral contents of the abdominopelvic cavity. The pelvic floor consists of the pelvic diaphragm and the perineal membrane, which are described separately (Fig. 3) (3). The pelvic diaphragm refers to the levator ani group (LAG), the coccygeus muscles, and the associated… Musculature and Fasciae of the Pelvis   

Pelvic Circulation

The arterial blood supply to the pelvis and perineum are briefly reviewed. Venous drainage for the most part parallels the arterial vessels. The aorta bifurcates at the level of the fourth lumbar vertebrae into the common iliac arteries (Fig. 8). The arteries run anterior and lateral to the veins at this level (1).… Pelvic Circulation   

Female Pelvic Viscera

Lower Urinary Tract
The bladder is comprised of the body and the trigone and normally serves to store urine at low pressures and effectively contract to urinate (7). The bladder is composed of an inner transitional epithelium, a multilayer muscular wall, and an outer serosal covering.  The exact dimensions and configuration of the… Female Pelvic Viscera   


The anatomic boundaries of the perineum are the pubis, thighs, and buttocks and can be divided into an anterior urogenital and a posterior anal triangle by drawing a line between the ischial tuberosities (Fig. 3) (7).

The perineal body is a tendinous structure in the midline of the perineum between the anus… Perineum   

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