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Common Urological Problems

Suspected Fistula

Multichannel Urodynamics

The workup described constitutes the basic office assessment (BOA) of UI; it is generally accepted. However, the role of urodynamics in the evaluation of patients with UI is controversial. This is because the true impact of urodynamics on clinical diagnosis, management plans, and patient’s outcome has not been studied in a well-designed manner. As… Multichannel Urodynamics   

phallus1 - urea1 - risk factors1 - regional lymph nodes1 - minimally invasive laparoscopic treatment of prostate cancer1 - abdominopelvic cavity1 - early stage prostate cancer1 - renal calyx1 - congenital malformations of urinary tract1 - cryptorchidism1 - transplant renal artery stenosis1 - cancerous tumor1 - resistance to treatment1 - carbohydrate diet1 - α-hemolysin1 - mesonephric duct1 - sphincter deficiency4 - hyperoxaluria4 - ccrcc1 - chronic dialysis1 - rituxan1 - urethral stones1 - risk of prostate cancer2 - weight loss2 - birth control pills1 - gonococcal infection2 - perineum4 - preterm births1 - sexual dysfunction4 - recurrent hematuria1 -