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Common Urological Problems

Renal Transplantation

Urinary Stone Disease - Special Situations

Urinary stones associated with renal transplantation are rare. Perirenal nerves are severed at the time of renal harvesting. Classic renal colic is not found in these patients.

The patients usually are admitted with the presumptive diagnosis of graft rejection. Only after appropriate radiographic and ultrasonic evaluation is the… Urinary Stone Disease - Special Situations   

Quality of life and treatment of late-stage chronic kidney disease

Renal transplantation is best treatment option for improving quality of life in people with late-stage chronic kidney disease

In people with late-stage chronic kidney disease, renal transplantation is the best treatment option to improve quality of life, but for those receiving dialysis, home-based automated peritoneal dialysis (in which fluids are infused into the abdominal… Quality of life and treatment of late-stage chronic kidney disease   

Low vitamin D linked with lower kidney function after transplantation

Vitamin D deficiency may decrease kidney function in transplant recipients, according to a study appearing in an upcoming issue of the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN). The finding suggests that vitamin D supplementation may help improve the health of kidney transplant recipients.

Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent in patients with kidney… Low vitamin D linked with lower kidney function after transplantation   

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