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Renal Diabetes Insipidus

Anomalies of the Distal Tubule

Defects of Hydrogen Ion Secretion & Bicarbonate Reabsorption (Classic Renal Tubular Acidosis, Type I)
Failure to secrete hydrogen ion and to form ammonium ion results in loss of “fixed base” sodium, potassium, and calcium.  There is also a high rate of excretion of phosphate. Vomiting, poor growth, and symptoms and signs of… Anomalies of the Distal Tubule   

urodynamic testing6 - bartholin gland1 - sexual function2 - munchausen syndrome1 - kidney failure37 - conners parent rating scale-revised1 - catheter-associated urinary tract infection1 - obstructive pyelonephritis1 - sudden cardiac death2 - body mass index2 - respiration1 - noninvasive imaging1 - acupuncture1 - prostate-specific antigen12 - renal medulla1 - sexual intercourse4 - testis-determining gene1 - prostatic calculi1 - sarcoidosis1 - short-term hormone therapy1 - urine levels1 - kidney-damaging treatments1 - leak-point pressure4 - hypokalemia1 - antibiotic therapy1 - vitamin e2 - uroflowmetry1 - ckd14 - tubular ectasia1 - kidney fibrosis1 -