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Common Urological Problems

Recurrent Infections

NonCalcium Calculi -Stone Varieties

1. Struvite -Struvite stones are composed of magnesium, ammonium, and phosphate (MAP). They are found most commonly in women and may recur rapidly. They frequently present as renal staghorn calculi and rarely present as ureteral stones except after surgical intervention (Figure 16–5). Struvite stones are infection stones associated with urea-splitting organisms,  including Proteus, Pseudomonas, … NonCalcium Calculi -Stone Varieties   

New study of the molecular roots of recurrent bladder infections could lead to a vaccine

Urinary-tract infections are the second most common bacterial infection in humans, and many of them are recurrent. A study published by Cell Press on February 14th in the journal Immunity reveals the cellular and molecular basis of recurrent bladder infections and suggests possible treatment strategies, such as vaccines, to prevent this common problem.

“Our… New study of the molecular roots of recurrent bladder infections could lead to a vaccine   

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