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Rectal Carcinoid

A rare case of metastatic renal carcinoid

Carcinoid is an endocrine cell tumor with low-grade atypia, which is generally a low-grade malignant cancer with a good prognosis. Metastatic renal carcinoid is even rarer than primary carcinoids.

Case presentation
We present our experience of a patient with metastatic renal carcinoid from the gastrointestinal tract.

The carcinoid tumor… A rare case of metastatic renal carcinoid   

psa-test1 - risk of infection2 - marijuana1 - sexual satisfaction1 - urethritis2 - walking1 - prostate-specific antigen test1 - sodium bicarbonate1 - mortality risk1 - cancerous tissue1 - renal carcinoma1 - heart damage1 - gonadal vessels1 - catheters1 - crura1 - voiding dysfunction5 - nocturia10 - journal of rheumatology1 - excess potassium secretion1 - cancerous tumor1 - dissolution agents1 - kidney transplant15 - stenoses1 - uterus2 - asco1 - embryonic urothelium1 - tumor metabolism1 - cystocele3 - foley catheters1 - resistant to hormone depletion1 -