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Researchers Identify Molecular Predictor of Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Prostate tumors that carry a “signature” of four molecular markers have the potential to become dangerously metastatic if not treated aggressively, researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute report in a study published online today by the journal Nature. The discovery lays the groundwork for the first gene-based test for determining whether a man’s prostate cancer… Researchers Identify Molecular Predictor of Metastatic Prostate Cancer   

prostate-specific antigen12 - membranous nephropathy3 - sphincter deficiency4 - vitamin c1 - renal disease3 - early-stage cancer1 - early kidney disease1 - xanthine1 - muscle wasting1 - narrowed blood vessel1 - aggressive bladder tumors1 - enzalutamide1 - vegetarian diet1 - cystocele3 - clogged arteries1 - clitoris3 - labial artery1 - xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis1 - prognostic indicator1 - tubular ectasia1 - bladder pain syndrome2 - edema2 - vcug1 - collagen diseases1 - physical examination1 - low carbohydrate diet1 - psa levels2 - cerebral palsy1 - polyarteritis nodosa1 - prostatectomy surgery1 -