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Prostate Specific Antigen Test

Low risk prostate cancer not always low risk

More and more men who believe they have low-risk prostate cancers are opting for active surveillance, forgoing treatment and monitoring the cancer closely with prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests, digital rectal exams and ultrasounds at regular intervals to see if their tumors are growing. Nearly 400 men are now enrolled in the UCLA Active Surveillance… Low risk prostate cancer not always low risk   

aggressive cancers1 - catheter-associated urinary tract infection1 - local recurrence1 - kidney allocation2 - bicarbonate reabsorption2 - urinary sphincter1 - kidney5 - sex2 - chronic diarrhea3 - hyperuricemia1 - short-term hormone therapy1 - pet1 - diagnostic testing1 - congenital defects1 - internal and external genitalia1 - hydronephrosis2 - food and drug administration1 - cancerous tumor1 - neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin1 - high-precision surgical robot1 - hus1 - mortality rates1 - bloody diarrhea1 - suspected fistula1 - donor kidney1 - fresenius1 - heart surgery2 - cinacalcet1 - foley catheters1 - sexual intercourse4 -