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Common Urological Problems

Postvoid Dribbling

Office Evaluation of Urinary Incontinence

The goals of the basic evaluation are to confirm urinary incontinence (UI)  and to identify factors that may be contributing to or resulting from UI. The general evaluation of UI should include a history, fluid intake/voiding diary, physical examination, urinalysis, urine culture, and measurement of postvoid residual urine. For selected patients, a… Office Evaluation of Urinary Incontinence   

Multichannel Urodynamics

The workup described constitutes the basic office assessment (BOA) of UI; it is generally accepted. However, the role of urodynamics in the evaluation of patients with UI is controversial. This is because the true impact of urodynamics on clinical diagnosis, management plans, and patient’s outcome has not been studied in a well-designed manner. As… Multichannel Urodynamics   

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