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Urinary Stone Disease - Special Situations

Urinary stones associated with renal transplantation are rare. Perirenal nerves are severed at the time of renal harvesting. Classic renal colic is not found in these patients.

The patients usually are admitted with the presumptive diagnosis of graft rejection. Only after appropriate radiographic and ultrasonic evaluation is the… Urinary Stone Disease - Special Situations   

Kidney Stone Prevalence in U.S. Increasing

Kidney stones are a growing problem in the United States, new data suggest.

Researchers who analyzed data from 12,110 participants in the 2007-2010 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) found that 8.8% of respondents reported a history of kidney stones, up from 5.2% reported by 1994 NHANES respondents, according to an online report… Kidney Stone Prevalence in U.S. Increasing   

Are Some Patients Too Heavy for a New Kidney?

In a research review article published in the American Journal of Nephrology, Saint Louis University investigators examined data from multiple studies to better understand how obesity, an epidemic in the U.S., impacts kidney transplant patients. The authors report that, even as some connections between weight and health outcomes are unknown or contradictory, there… Are Some Patients Too Heavy for a New Kidney?   

Gut microbes could determine the severity of melamine-induced kidney disease

Microbes present in the gut can affect the severity of kidney disease brought on by melamine poisoning, according to an international study led by Professor Wei Jia at the University of North Carolina in collaboration with the research group of Professor Jeremy Nicholson at Imperial College London.

In 2008, nearly 300,000 Chinese children were… Gut microbes could determine the severity of melamine-induced kidney disease   

Obese kidney failure patients receive survival benefit from transplantation

Most obese individuals with kidney failure can prolong their lives by receiving a kidney transplant, although this survival benefit is lower in severely obese individuals. That’s the conclusion of a new study published in the American Journal of Transplantation. The findings will hopefully decrease differences in access to transplantation for obese patients.

Obesity is… Obese kidney failure patients receive survival benefit from transplantation   

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