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Nephrotic Syndrome


The clinical manifestations of glomerular renal disease are apt to consist only of varying degrees of hematuria, excretion of characteristic formed elements in the urine,  proteinuria,  and renal insufficiency and its complications.

Excluding diabetes, purported immunologic renal diseases are the most common cause of proteinuria and the nephrotic syndrome.

Alterations in glomerular architecture as… Glomerulonephritis   

Nephrotic Syndrome

Essentials of Diagnosis and General Considerations

Because treatment and prognosis vary with the cause of nephrotic syndrome,  renal biopsy is important.  Light microscopy,  electron microscopy,  and immunofluorescence identification… Nephrotic Syndrome   

Clinical Findings in Nephrosis

Edema may appear insidiously and increase slowly or can appear suddenly and accumulate rapidly. Symptoms other than those related to the mechanical effects of edema are not remarkable.

On physical examination, massive peripheral edema is apparent.  Signs of hydrothorax and ascites are common.

Pallor is often accentuated… Clinical Findings in Nephrosis   

Protein offers new clue to cause and treatment for kidney disease

University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers have pinpointed a protein that compromises the kidney’s filtering ability, causing nephrotic syndrome, and demonstrated that a naturally occurring precursor of an acid in the body offers potential for treating some forms of the condition.

The research was published online Dec. 12 in Nature Medicine.

“This is a… Protein offers new clue to cause and treatment for kidney disease   

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