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Common Urological Problems

Medullary Sponge Kidney

Urinary Stone Disease - Special Situations

Urinary stones associated with renal transplantation are rare. Perirenal nerves are severed at the time of renal harvesting. Classic renal colic is not found in these patients.

The patients usually are admitted with the presumptive diagnosis of graft rejection. Only after appropriate radiographic and ultrasonic evaluation is the… Urinary Stone Disease - Special Situations   

Hereditary Renal Diseases

The importance of inheritance and the familial incidence of disease warrant the inclusion of a classification of hereditary renal diseases. Although relatively uncommon in the population at large, hereditary renal disease must be recognized to permit early diagnosis for detection and genetic counseling.

Chronic Hereditary Nephritis
Evidence of the disease usually appears… Hereditary Renal Diseases   

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