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Common Urological Problems


Urinary Stone Disease Symptoms & Signs at Presentation

Upper-tract urinary stones usually eventually cause pain.

The character of the pain depends on the location. Calculi small enough to venture down the ureter usually have difficulty passing through the ureteropelvic junction, over the iliac vessels,  or entering the bladder at the ureterovesical junction (Figure 16–7).

Renal colic and noncolicky… Urinary Stone Disease Symptoms & Signs at Presentation   

Common congenital defect a prickly problem for the kidney

One of the most common congenital defects in humans — it is detected in approximately 0.5% of fetuses analyzed by routine antenatal sonography — is a kidney abnormality known as hydronephrosis. Hydronephrosis arises because the flow of urine from the kidney to the bladder is impeded. By studying kidney development in mice, Norman Rosenblum… Common congenital defect a prickly problem for the kidney   

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