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Female Urethra

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Lower Urinary Tract
The bladder is comprised of the body and the trigone and normally serves to store urine at low pressures and effectively contract to urinate (7). The bladder is composed of an inner transitional epithelium, a multilayer muscular wall, and an outer serosal covering.  The exact dimensions and configuration of the… Female Pelvic Viscera   

body mass index2 - high-grade prostate cancer1 - intermittent urinary stream1 - bladder removal1 - perineum4 - urge incontinence7 - desire or erection1 - reflux1 - sarcoidosis1 - seminal vesicle stones1 - nsaids1 - british journal of obstetrics and gynecology1 - prostate screening3 - myelomatosis1 - chronic constipation3 - prophylactic intervention1 - american journal of epidemiology1 - urethral valve1 - pbrm11 - cardiorenal syndrome1 - hydronephrosis2 - diabetic kidney disease2 - recurrent tumors1 - matrix component3 - urinary uric acid1 - glomerulosclerosis1 - astro3 - prevalence of kidney stones1 - kidney stone attack1 - fluid intake1 -