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Common Urological Problems

End Stage Kidney Failure

Portable, less costly peritoneal dialysis shows no additional catheter risk factors

Patients with end-stage renal disease who opt for peritoneal dialysis experience no greater risk of catheter infection than those who undergo hemodialysis, a retrospective study at UT Southwestern Medical Center has found.

Peritoneal dialysis is less costly, easier on the body and provides greater mobility than hemodialysis, the more common procedure in the U.S.… Portable, less costly peritoneal dialysis shows no additional catheter risk factors   

Kidney failure under the microscope

Better targeted treatments for 20 per cent of renal failure patients are on the horizon following a key discovery about the role of white blood cells in kidney inflammation.

In a study published today in Nature Medicine, researchers from Monash University tracked the movements of white blood cells, or leukocytes, leading to a new… Kidney failure under the microscope   

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