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Shockwaves work better than surgery for smaller kidney stones trapped in the ureter

Different techniques should be used to remove single stones that have become lodged in the distal ureter after being expelled by the kidney, depending on whether they are under or above one centimetre, according to the December issue of BJUI.

Surgeons from the Department of Urology at University Federico II, Naples, Italy, believe that… Shockwaves work better than surgery for smaller kidney stones trapped in the ureter   

A rare case of metastatic renal carcinoid

Carcinoid is an endocrine cell tumor with low-grade atypia, which is generally a low-grade malignant cancer with a good prognosis. Metastatic renal carcinoid is even rarer than primary carcinoids.

Case presentation
We present our experience of a patient with metastatic renal carcinoid from the gastrointestinal tract.

The carcinoid tumor… A rare case of metastatic renal carcinoid   

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