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Common Urological Problems

Cystine Lithiasis

NonCalcium Calculi -Stone Varieties

1. Struvite -Struvite stones are composed of magnesium, ammonium, and phosphate (MAP). They are found most commonly in women and may recur rapidly. They frequently present as renal staghorn calculi and rarely present as ureteral stones except after surgical intervention (Figure 16–5). Struvite stones are infection stones associated with urea-splitting organisms,  including Proteus, Pseudomonas, … NonCalcium Calculi -Stone Varieties   

spp11 - prostate specific antigen6 - vegf1 - erectile dysfunction5 - perineum4 - urinary tract imaging1 - sphincter deficiency4 - urethral anatomy3 - external genitalia1 - end stage kidney disease1 - c-reactive protein1 - cleveland clinic1 - adequate erection1 - internal and external genitalia1 - cnc1 - hormone-refractory prostate cancer2 - erythrocyte casts1 - overweight1 - prostate cancer treatment5 - paediatric urology2 - vagina4 - xanthine1 - chronic urinary tract infections1 - urine test3 - cerebral palsy1 - avandia1 - intensity-modulated radiation therapy1 - the scientific registry of transplant recipients1 - collagen diseases1 - bladder outlet obstruction1 -