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Concentrated Urine

The Balance Concept - The Urinary System

The kidneys preserve a very delicate balance in the body. They compensate for your food and fluid intake to maintain this balance.

For instance, if you drink a great deal of water, there is a greater volume of urine. If you eat a lot of salt (that bag of potato chips that disappeared during… The Balance Concept  - The Urinary System   

low blood potassium1 - polycystic disease1 - ureteroscope1 - special k1 - abiraterone2 - obese patients1 - invasive treatment1 - postoperative radiation therapy1 - miscellaneous diseases1 - chronic dialysis1 - abdominal pain2 - risk of kidney failure1 - hsph1 - bladder injury1 - ascorbic acid1 - urinary complaints1 - cprs1 - resistance to treatment1 - risk of heart disease1 - smoking status1 - urine incontinence1 - beta-blockers1 - anorexia1 - matrix component3 - microscopic nephrons1 - anti-inflammatory drugs1 - renal abnormalities1 - metabolic syndrome1 - kidney damage7 - jama1 -