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Research provides new kidney cancer clues

Researchers have identified a gene that is mutated in one in three patients with the most common form of renal cancer. The identification of a frequently mutated gene will provide new insights into the biology of the disease. This biological knowledge will be critical in the continued effort to improve treatment for renal cancer.… Research provides new kidney cancer clues   

disease-related anemia1 - urinary phosphate2 - gametogenesis2 - obesity5 - risk of second kidney stone1 - stinky urine1 - postvoid dribbling2 - spinal cord injury2 - asco1 - bjui1 - autosomal-dominant polycystic kidney disease2 - cyclophosphamide1 - stanford university school of medicine2 - aggressive treatment1 - urinary reflux1 - stanford university1 - super acid1 - hormone therapy4 - prostatic calculi1 - urethra3 - renal abnormalities1 - special la coke1 - thomas jefferson university hospital2 - actos1 - bladder damage1 - extracellular matrix1 - uric acid7 - low testosterone1 - metastatic tumours1 - human vaccine1 -