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Common Urological Problems

Bicarbonate Reabsorption

Anomalies of the Proximal Tubule

Defects of Amino Acid Reabsorption
A. Congenital Cystinuria
Increased excretion of cystine results in the formation of cystine calculi in the urinary tract.  Ornithine,  arginine, and lysine are also excreted in abnormally large quantities.

There is also a defect in absorption of these amino acids in the jejunum.  Nonopaque stones should… Anomalies of the Proximal Tubule   

Anomalies of the Distal Tubule

Defects of Hydrogen Ion Secretion & Bicarbonate Reabsorption (Classic Renal Tubular Acidosis, Type I)
Failure to secrete hydrogen ion and to form ammonium ion results in loss of “fixed base” sodium, potassium, and calcium.  There is also a high rate of excretion of phosphate. Vomiting, poor growth, and symptoms and signs of… Anomalies of the Distal Tubule   

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