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Protein in the urine: A warning sign for cognitive decline

1. Small Amounts of Urinary Protein Predict More Rapid Cognitive Decline in Elderly Women Screening Efforts in Older Individuals May Be Warranted

A new study has found that low amounts of albumin in the urine, at levels not traditionally considered clinically significant, strongly predict faster cognitive decline in older women. The study involved more… Protein in the urine: A warning sign for cognitive decline   

Gene Variant Influences Chronic Kidney Disease Risk

A team of researchers from the United States and Europe has identified a single genetic mutation in the CUBN gene that is associated with albuminuria both with and without diabetes. Albuminuria is a condition caused by the leaking of the protein albumin into the urine, which is an indication of kidney disease.

The research… Gene Variant Influences Chronic Kidney Disease Risk   

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