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Common Urological Problems

Urinary Oxalate

Stone Varieties

Calcifications can occur and accumulate in the collecting system,  resulting in nephrolithiasis.  Eighty to eighty-five percent of all urinary stones are calcareous.

Calcium nephrolithiasis is most commonly due to elevated urinary calcium, elevated urinary uric acid, elevated urinary oxalate,  or a decreased level of urinary citrate.

Hypercalciuria is… Stone Varieties   

obese kidney transplant recipients1 - symptomatic stone event1 - minimally invasive laparoscopic treatment of prostate cancer1 - clitoris3 - gametogenesis2 - gleason score1 - intrauterine devices1 - severe urinary incontinence1 - placebo1 - cadmium toxicity1 - diabetes16 - prostate cancer surgery3 - erectile dysfunction5 - complex diverticula1 - lower urinary tract problems1 - uterus2 - neuroendocrine prostate cancer1 - genetic predisposition1 - serum urea nitrogen1 - internal and external genitalia1 - heart damage1 - hysterectomy3 - organ procurement and transplantation network1 - cancer treatment3 - aminoaciduria1 - infantile polycystic kidneys1 - overactive1 - renal failure4 - lupus erythematosus4 - kidney disease complications1 -