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Common Urological Problems

Urinary Citrate

Stone Varieties

Calcifications can occur and accumulate in the collecting system,  resulting in nephrolithiasis.  Eighty to eighty-five percent of all urinary stones are calcareous.

Calcium nephrolithiasis is most commonly due to elevated urinary calcium, elevated urinary uric acid, elevated urinary oxalate,  or a decreased level of urinary citrate.

Hypercalciuria is… Stone Varieties   

alport disease1 - prostate cancer cell1 - bloodstream1 - reflux1 - hyperuricosuria2 - urinary ions2 - urinary calcium1 - department of urology2 - hemodialysis11 - cryotherapy1 - single kidney1 - national institutes of health2 - muscle mass1 - radiotherapy3 - extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy1 - diabetic kidney disease2 - renal tubules1 - renal tissue1 - drug toxicity1 - fallopian tubes1 - kidney stones16 - urinary complaints1 - bartholin's cyst1 - american society for radiation oncology4 - aki3 - perineum4 - mucosal irritation1 - tissue matching1 - advanced kidney disease2 - heart damage1 -