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Urethral Retroresistance Pressure

Urethral Retroresistance Pressure

A new urodynamic measurement system for urethral retroresistance pressure (URP) has been described. URP is defined as the pressure required to achieve and maintain an open urethral sphincter and is measured by occluding the urethral meatus with a cone-tipped plug placed 5 mm in the urethra.

Sterile fluid is then infused retrograde at… Urethral Retroresistance Pressure   

Role of Urodynamic Testing in the Assessment of Female SUI

Although urodynamic testing is frequently performed as part of the evaluation of SUI, the benefits obtained by performing such testing have not been well defined. Advocates of a “minimalist” approach argue that direct observation of stress incontinence on physical examination is sufficient to allow the treating physician to proceed with surgery in the majority… Role of Urodynamic Testing in the Assessment of Female SUI   

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