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Diseases of the Renal Tubules & Interstitium

Interstitial Nephritis
Acute interstitial diseases are usually due to sensitivity to drugs, including antibiotics (penicillin, sulfonamides), nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and phenytoin. The pathologic hallmark of acute interstitial nephritis is the infiltration of inflammatory cells in the interstitium.

A typical presentation is a rapid deterioration in renal function associated with a recent introduction… Diseases of the Renal Tubules & Interstitium   

prognostic indicator1 - renal glycosuria1 - enzalutamide1 - urinary crystals2 - prostatectomy7 - urinary ph1 - focal glomerulosclerosis2 - the endocrine society's journal of clinical endocrinology & metabolism1 - serenoa1 - urethral retroresistance pressure2 - journal of rheumatology1 - radium-223 chloride1 - birth control pills1 - swelling1 - retinopathy1 - weill cornell medical college1 - srtr1 - end stage kidney disease1 - testis-determining gene1 - vitamin d1 - neuroendocrine prostate cancer1 - risk of kidney failure1 - abiraterone2 - depression2 - radical prostatectomy9 - intermittent urinary stream1 - thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura1 - trichomoniasis1 - kidney stone attack1 - hormone treatment1 -