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Common Urological Problems

Rokitansky Syndrome

Genital tracts

The internal and external genitalia of both sexes are genetically ‘programmed’ to differentiate passively down a ‘default’  female pathway unless actively switched down a male pathway by the genetic information carried by the testis-determining gene (SRY).  Until the sixth week of gestation,  the genitalia of both sexes share identical embryonic precursors.  Differentiation   of… Genital tracts   

polycystic kidney disease8 - urethra3 - prostate cancer cells2 - jama1 - renal artery stenosis1 - dying prematurely1 - standard therapy1 - urethral anatomy3 - heart damage1 - parkinson's disease1 - salt1 - low-grade prostate cancer2 - prostate cancer imaging1 - clear cell rcc1 - epo1 - kidney donors2 - urodynamic testing6 - congenital urinary tract defects1 - rheumatoid arthritis2 - glomerular filtration rate4 - overweight1 - swimming1 - gonadal vessels1 - calcium channel1 - childbirth2 - rituxan1 - renal pain1 - infundibula1 - walking1 - rokitansky syndrome1 -