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Common Urological Problems

Renal Stones

Urinary Stone Disease Evaluation

Urinary stones can mimic other retroperitoneal and peritoneal pathologic states.  A full differential diagnosis of the acute abdomen should be made, including acute appendicitis, ectopic and unrecognized pregnancies, ovarian pathologic conditions including twisted ovarian cysts, diverticular disease,  bowel obstruction,  biliary stones with and without obstruction, peptic ulcer disease, acute… Urinary Stone Disease Evaluation   

pregnancy7 - urodynamics1 - early kidney damage1 - mild hypertension1 - multiple prostate tumors1 - symptomatic stone event1 - esrd6 - renal function2 - wilson's disease1 - pathologic fracture1 - radical nephrectomy4 - extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy1 - xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis1 - preemptive kidney transplantation1 - streptococcal infection1 - urinary tract3 - scientific registry of transplant recipients1 - nephrons2 - tea1 - rectal balloon1 - female urinary tract1 - permanent kidney damage1 - robotic-assisted cystectomy1 - renal anemia1 - prostate-specific antigen test1 - metastatic tumours1 - invasive treatment1 - narrowed blood vessel1 - prolapse1 - fallopian tubes1 -