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Renal Carcinoma

Research provides new kidney cancer clues

Researchers have identified a gene that is mutated in one in three patients with the most common form of renal cancer. The identification of a frequently mutated gene will provide new insights into the biology of the disease. This biological knowledge will be critical in the continued effort to improve treatment for renal cancer.… Research provides new kidney cancer clues   

respiration1 - hypertension12 - urge urinary incontinence5 - zetia1 - bmi1 - anorexia1 - ureteric stent1 - honey oil1 - blood pressure4 - renal carcinoid1 - sexual outcome1 - menstrual cycle1 - methylation1 - ngal1 - bss1 - enlarged prostate4 - microscopic nephrons1 - diabetes16 - urethral diverticulum1 - prostate disorders1 - urs1 - protein flt11 - post-operative acute kidney failure1 - testis-determining gene1 - boston university school of medicine1 - prostate treatment2 - urinary obstruction1 - congenital defects1 - microhematuria1 - abdominal radiograph1 -