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Common Urological Problems

Recurrent Incontinence

Multichannel Urodynamics

The workup described constitutes the basic office assessment (BOA) of UI; it is generally accepted. However, the role of urodynamics in the evaluation of patients with UI is controversial. This is because the true impact of urodynamics on clinical diagnosis, management plans, and patient’s outcome has not been studied in a well-designed manner. As… Multichannel Urodynamics   

critical care1 - artificial urinary sphincter1 - stenosis1 - vascular calcification1 - proximal tubule1 - glomerular filtration rate4 - reflux1 - prostate cancer recurrence1 - calcium-rich foods1 - kidney diseases3 - anca-associated vasculitis1 - obturator canal1 - coronary artery bypass surgery1 - antioxidant1 - sacrum1 - prolapse1 - kidney blood pressure1 - invasive urologic surgery1 - bone metastases3 - vitamin c1 - radiation therapy10 - pelvic floor4 - pyelotomy1 - urethral anatomy3 - kidneys2 - rare kidney disease1 - prostate cancer prevention1 - advanced prostate cancer8 - positron emission tomography1 - lithium1 -