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Common Urological Problems


Fluid Intake/Voiding Diary

Patient histories regarding frequency and severity of urinary symptoms are often inaccurate. A more reliable indicator of symptoms is a fluid intake/voiding diary, which should be distributed to patients.

They would be instructed to document in it the amount and type of fluid consumed and the volume and time of voiding and leakage… Fluid Intake/Voiding Diary   

pregnancy7 - asymptomatic hematuria2 - kidney cancer10 - renal calculi1 - xanthine1 - srs1 - edema2 - fox chase cancer center2 - circumcision3 - external sphincter dyssynergia3 - urodynamics1 - hus1 - chronic urinary tract infections1 - neisseria gonorrhoeae2 - cerebral palsy1 - pyuria1 - cmaj2 - mutation1 - metabolic evaluation1 - diabetic nephropathy6 - autoimmune kidney disorder1 - electrocardiogram1 - stress urinary incontinence1 - protein2 - kidney5 - magnetic resonance prostate imaging reporting1 - urinary sulfate2 - protein in the urine2 - urine7 - smoking status1 -