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Scientists discover distinct molecular subtype of prostate cancer

A collaborative expedition into the deep genetics of prostate cancer has uncovered a distinct subtype of the disease, one that appears to account for up to 15 percent of all cases, say researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College, the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

In the study, published… Scientists discover distinct molecular subtype of prostate cancer   

prostate cancer etiology1 - hormone replacement1 - postmenopausal women1 - hyperactivity disorder1 - catheter malfunction1 - benign prostatic hyperplasia4 - kidney stones16 - bladder defects1 - pkd2 - prostate cancer121 - prostate treatment system1 - ureteroscope1 - testis-determining gene1 - kidney disease49 - vitamin d1 - stone disease prevention1 - fecal incontinence3 - urine production1 - gonococcal infections1 - urinary stones6 - hypogonadal men1 - rarp2 - severe hypocitraturia1 - bladder overactivity6 - distant metastasis1 - minimal glomerular lesions1 - itraconazole1 - institute of cancer research1 - stenoses1 - reiter's syndrome2 -