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Paediatric Urology

Genetic basis of genitourinary malformations

A working knowledge of the embryology of the genitourinary tract provides the basis for understanding the structural anomalies encountered in paediatric urological practice. Although this section will concentrate predominantly on the clinical aspects of embryology of the genitourinary tract it will also touch on some of the relevant basic science   and   summarise… Genetic basis of genitourinary malformations   

Lower urinary tract

The lower urinary tract originates from the cloaca, the section of primitive hindgut into which the mesonephric ducts and embryonic ureters drain.

Between the fourth and sixth weeks of gestation, the cloaca is subdivided by the descent of the urorectal septum towards the perineum and by lateral ingrowth of the folds of Rathke. The… Lower urinary tract   

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