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Nephron Development

Helping preterm babies get the best start

Babies born prematurely could be at greater risk of developing kidney diseases later in life according to a landmark study investigating the impacts of preterm birth on kidney development.

The Monash University study is identifying new strategies for minimising the consequences of being born preterm, which accounts for around eight per cent of births… Helping preterm babies get the best start   

low risk tumors1 - renal vasoconstriction1 - calcium nephrolithiasis3 - premenopausal women2 - kidney failure37 - prepucial stones1 - biopsy for prostate cancer1 - medullary sponge kidney2 - severe urinary incontinence1 - zygote intrafallopian transfer1 - nsaids1 - urs1 - rennin-angiotensin system1 - xanthine stones1 - standard kidney biopsy1 - congenital cystinuria1 - prostate-specific antigen12 - balkan nephritis1 - prostate-specific antigen test1 - journal of clinical oncology1 - ureteric stones1 - patient care1 - incontinence10 - aurora a kinase1 - calcifications in the blood vessels1 - hyperuricemia1 - brigham and women's hospital1 - cause of incontinence6 - renal tubules1 - urinary tract infections8 -