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Common Urological Problems

Multiple Prostate Tumors

Sweeping view of prostate cancer genome yields deep insights

For the first time, researchers have laid bare the full genetic blueprint of multiple prostate tumors, uncovering alterations that have never before been detected and offering a deep view of the genetic missteps that underlie the disease. The study, made possible by key advances in whole genome sequencing and analysis, points to several new… Sweeping view of prostate cancer genome yields deep insights   

aggregated disease groups1 - bladder dysfunction5 - bicarbonate reabsorption2 - intermittent therapy1 - sexually transmitted infections1 - dysmorphia1 - lithotripsy1 - ckd14 - ontario health insurance plan1 - urodynamics1 - urine levels1 - impotence4 - uric acid7 - rarp2 - anti-androgen therapy1 - immunotherapy2 - urinary tract defects1 - nephrin1 - sexual changes1 - teen pregnancy1 - french catheters4 - attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity1 - aggressive bladder tumors1 - fatty fish1 - dysuria2 - benign prostatic hyperplasia4 - cat valium1 - common kidney disease1 - psa level1 - annual screening1 -