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Mixed Results for New Tx in Adrenal Cancer

Patients with advanced adrenocortical carcinoma lived no longer when standard therapy was combined with three-agent chemotherapy, but had a significantly higher response rate and progression-free survival (PFS), results of a large multicenter study showed.

Overall survival improved by almost 3 months with etoposide-doxorubicin-cisplatin (EDP) chemotherapy plus mitotane when compared with mitotane plus streptozocin, but… Mixed Results for New Tx in Adrenal Cancer   

renal cell carcinoma5 - external sphincter dyssynergia3 - autoimmune kidney disorder1 - bladder pressure4 - attention deficit hyperactivity disorder1 - urgency7 - vomiting1 - intracytoplasmic sperm injection1 - radiotherapy3 - hemolytic uremic syndrome1 - urinary tract disorder1 - clitoris3 - cystectomy1 - renal anemia1 - ectopic pregnancy2 - aggressive prostate cancer9 - recurrent incontinence1 - recurrent bladder infection1 - fluoroscopic imaging1 - progressive glomerulonephritis1 - antibiotic resistance1 - bartholin's cyst1 - labial artery1 - pomegranate juice1 - urinary calcium1 - gift1 - reduced potassium secretion1 - amgen1 - rare kidney disease1 - hemodiafiltration1 -