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Common Urological Problems


Headache - Causes for Concern

The physician should be especially concerned if the patient has any of the following (Silberstein, 1992; Edmeads, 1988):

  * a new-onset headache in a patient over the age of 50;
  * a sudden-onset headache;
  * a headache that is subacute in onset and gets progressively worse over days or… Headache - Causes for Concern   

Rapidly Progressive Glomerulonephritis

This condition has several pulmonary-renal diseases. The patient usually gives a history of recent hemoptysis and often of malaise,  anorexia,  and headache.  A severe acute glomerulonephritis may be accompanied by diffuse hemorrhagic inflammation of the lungs. The urine shows gross or microscopic hematuria, and laboratory findings of severely suppressed renal function are usually evident.… Rapidly Progressive Glomerulonephritis   

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