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Self-employed urologists order more imaging

A patient may be twice as likely to undergo an x-ray, ultrasound or other diagnostic imaging test after seeing a self-employed urologist as opposed to an employed urologist on salary, suggests a new study.

While other factors may be at play, the finding builds on growing evidence for the role of financial incentives in… Self-employed urologists order more imaging   

levator hiatus1 - urinary complaints1 - genitourinary tract2 - kidney stone2 - zetia1 - back pain1 - rennin-angiotensin system1 - internal and external genitalia1 - urinary incontinence2 - resistant to hormone depletion1 - kidney cancer10 - hysterectomy3 - incontinence10 - myocardial infarction1 - bladder control4 - renal pain1 - chronic diarrhea3 - kidney injury6 - stone formation3 - human vaccine1 - brachytherapy2 - microscopic hematuria1 - glomerulonephritis3 - androgen-independent prostate cancer1 - neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin1 - overactive1 - minimal glomerular lesions1 - nephron development1 - dietary magnesium3 - metastasize1 -