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Robot to Have First Clinical Trial Test in Prostate Cancer Patients

In the first-of-a-kind clinical trial, a robot will be used to place therapeutic radioactive seeds in prostate cancer patients. The National Cancer Institute-supported study, which will enroll 14 patients, has just opened at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

The robot has been designed by Thomas Jefferson University scientists to provide the steadiest and most… Robot to Have First Clinical Trial Test in Prostate Cancer Patients   

5 Tips For Great Sex After Prostate Cancer

It’s very likely that whichever prostate cancer treatment you choose - prostatectomy surgery, hormone therapy, brachytherapy, external beam radiation, or HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) - will impact your sex life. Exactly how depends on which method you choose and your dedication to getting back in bed.

“Once patients are assured that they will… 5 Tips For Great Sex After Prostate Cancer   

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